Introducing Our Company

Masfy Consultants is one of the most experienced and respected Civil and Structural engineering consulting firm.

Our firm’s objective is to combine all applicable problem solving skills in providing solutions that are functionally sound, economically feasible and practical, while maintaining a commensurate standard of technical excellence.

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Why Us?

  • Fully qualified, experienced staff
  • Fully insured
  • Quality drawings and design

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  • Value-engineered design & ‘optioneering’
  • Friendly approach, and plain speaking
  • Efficient service with agreed timescales
  • Ongoing support and liaison with your Contractor & Architect

We have been the leaders in civil and structural engineering designs for over a decade.

Our Services

Structural Engineering

Our range of Structural Engineering Services cover:

  • Low and high rise buildings.
  •  Industrial and factory buildings.

Project Management

Our range of Project Management Services cover:

  • Preparation of short and long range capital development plans.
  • Feasibility and other studies.

Civil Engineering

Our range of Civil Engineering Services cover:

  •  Rural and urban infrastructural master plans.
  • Site and service schemes

Latest Projects


We were very satisfied with Masfy Consultants Limited services. They have met all our deadlines and exceeded our expectations in quality. We consider them a valuable part of our team

Great Job by the Masfy Consultants Limited team! Up to our standards!

Choose us for our background in Civil and Structural Engineering services.